Bad News Blues

It’s March 24th and I just finished tossing the rest of my sister’s clothes and leftover garbage into the trash bins outside. This isn’t the same sister I wrote about recently, the one who checked herself into the hospital. This time I am speaking about the youngest sister that I grew up with, the youngest on my mom’s side. I have four brothers and four sisters, so yes it will be difficult to keep track of who I’m talking about from time to time.

This situation is proof that time travel is impossible, because surely I would’ve traveled back to summer of last year and slapped the shit out of myself for inviting my sister to come live with me in the first place. My sister is 20 years old now and has spent the last six years of her live slowly flushing her future down the drain. It was sickening to see the person my sweet, innocent baby sister had become. She tried to keep family off of her Facebook, but sometimes I would see things. Pictures of her smoking. Pictures of guns. Live videos with lewd comments from hundreds of guys too old to even be communicating with her. Her posts exposed her to the world, stating that she was horny, wanted new chat buddies, wanted to get pregnant, etc. It scared the shit out of me.

I invited her to come live with me and get her GED so that we could do our best to get her into the military and she accepted. It wasn’t an easy transition. I flew her out to Hawaii and bought her everything she needed (and a lot of things that she didn’t). I was struggling to find a good balance and keep her interested in her goals by guiding her like a mother figure yet giving her freedom like an understanding sister. I wanted to show her that it was possible to put the work in and take care of the things she needed while having everything she wanted as well. She got a job and eventually agreed to pay rent in order to help with the mortgage and bills. She enrolled in a GED program two miles away from the house. She continued to lie and sneak around, but overall I felt as if the change in lifestyle was positive. Deep down I knew that it wasn’t going to last, but I kept my pessimism to myself and gave her the chance to prove me wrong.

A couple of things happened in a short amount of time: she crashed my car while driving it without permission while I was off island, she stopped paying her portion of the rent and phone bill, she quit her GED program, and she got suspended from work. Due to her suspension, I gave her a break on the rent. I told her to work on studying for the ASVAB at home since new military regulations did not require a GED if the applicant’s test scores were high enough. It sucked that things were falling through, but I was determined to get her onto the right track.

She told me she was going to take a week off of work and fly to Texas to visit some guy. She promised that she would give me some of the rent money she owed from the month prior, as well as her cellphone bill, and also start paying off the insurance deductible to repair the damages to my car. Long story short, she didn’t come back. There were two things that bothered me: 1) She took everything that I bought her (and a couple of things that didn’t belong to her) but declined my invitation to take her to the airport knowing that she wasn’t coming back. She didn’t even give me a chance to say goodbye. And 2) She left owing me money with no intention on ever giving me a single dollar that she owed. I’d sacrificed so much for her, and it really hurts that she would decided to leave with no consideration as to how I would recover. If I hadn’t had the money to pay my mortgage, I’d be out on the street right now.

I cleaned out her room so that I can advertise for a new roommate. Let’s just say that I had to wear gloves before touching anything. emo9_by_aleayo-d81lgte

This really sucks.

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