How It All Begins, Blog Zero

Man oh man! This blog is way overdue but you know how the saying goes, “Better late than never!”


Well anyway, I NEEDED to start this blog. I was tired of thinking of all the reasons on why I shouldn’t bother with it, or why it would fail, or this and that, but fuck it: HERE I AM, WORLD. I’m ready to post about my life and (hopefully) connect with people around the world.

At the very least, I expect this to become a GREAT place to vent. I’m tired of bottling up my emotions. I’m tired of trying to suppress the things that happened in my childhood. I’ve learned to laugh about a LOT of shitty things that have happened to me and, regardless of how other people may see my sense of humor, it’s been therapeutic for me.

So without further ado… LET’S ROLL.

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